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Since 2008 P. Components means high quality wood-furniture solutions

Founded by Roberto Pitassi, wood turner with over thirty years of experience in the field of furniture and interior design, the company is distinguished by its high-quality productions with tables and pieces of furniture tailored to Home and Contract and for the production of semi-finished wood in a wide range of types and sizes.

The history of P. Components company began a long time ago, from a great passion: wood.
Roberto Pitassi started working at 15 years in local wood companies, the way of working was different from now: at that time the planking was moved manually, there were no silos for wood shavings and no suction for sawdust.
Together with his brother Giuliano they decided to open their first business, dealing with wood turning and sanding, everything done manually.

Over the years the business has grown, first starting to realize all the accessories, the wooden components, working their way up to the production of finished complete wooden tables. They have gradually reached an important level in terms of production quality, especially for the foreign market. Roberto and Giuliano Pitassi have, in fact, produced several products, such as rustic tables, for the European market, in particular for England and Germany.

In 2008, together with one of the daughters of Roberto Pitassi, was born the company P. Components, with the aim of carrying forward, with the same passion and energy what has been consolidated and learned over the years. The company P. Components has specialized in particular in solid wood for the production of tables and furniture components for the naval sector and high-quality contract.

The wish for the future of P. Components firm is to continue, growing more and more, in the realization of wooden furniture components always keeping faith to the great passion that gave birth to it.










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